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The Cambay Education Trust,

        The Cambay Education Trust has been an active member in the upbringing of the students of Khambhat. Whenever required, it has always been an    active support in the favour of the students. Having its inception in the year 1916, it has grown from a small group into a huge institution. It has been    taking care of a number of educational institutions, running in Khambhat. Almost 80% of the educational requirement of Khambhat is fullfilled under the    aegis of this institution. The following are the committee members of the society:

Sr no name designation photograph
1 Patel Navinchandra Gakurbhai Chairman
2 Shah Bharatbhai Vasantlal Vice-Chairman
3 Zaveri Chandrakant Shanalal Secretary
4 Shah Dipakkumar Jethalal Vice-Secretary
5 Shah Hemendra Himmatlal Vice-Secretary
6 Sutaria Pritinkumar Champaklal Committee Member
7 Patel Jayantilal Ranchoddas Committee Member
8 Patel Vineshkumar Parsottamdas Committee Member
9 Thakor Maheshkumar Amarsinh Committee Member
10 Patel Hemantkumar Hiralal Committee Member
11 Sukhadia Bharatkumar Manharlal Committee Member
12 Shah Prakashbhai Manilal Committee Member
13 Deshmukh Balkrushna Amrutlal Committee Member
14 Shah Samir Navinchandra Committee Member
15 Kapadia Harishbhai Keshavlal Committee Member
16 Shah Kirtibhai Nagindas Committee Member
17 Patel Ramanlal Ambalal Committee Member
18 Shah Kiritbhai Jayantilal Committee Member
19 Patel Bhailalbhai Maganlal Committee Member
20 Thakor Rajendrakumar Hiralal Committee Member
21 Patel Radheshyam Maneklal Committee Member