Extra-Curricular Activities

Visit to Hon. Chief Minister

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A team of selected students as well as teachers were taken to a visit to the Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi. The team was very enthusiastic, and the meet turned out to be very successful.

Teachers's Day Celebration

  • Event date September 4th 2009
  • Type: Extra-curricular
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On 4th September, Thursday, Teacher's Day was celebrated in our school as per tradition. The students of X std performed their role.

Diya Thali Competition

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The Diya Thali competition was held by keeping in mind, the challenge for the students to be as creative as possible. It did turn out to be well executed and was a great event.

Rakhi Celebration

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To set up an environment of safety and build a happy relationship between the care-takers: policemen and the students, this event was organised.

Visit to a Vruddhashram

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The students were taken to a Vruddhashram where, they met people who had been abandoned by their family and were staying alone. They built up a good environment and cheered the aged people.

Christmas Celebration

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Every year, the occasion of Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and the students are fond of this celebration. They had come up with great ideas and time of a good quality was enjoyed.

Story Competition

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Little Kids of lower classes were made to tell stories based on an extempore. This opened them up to make a public appearance and speak fearlessly.

Spelling Bee

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A competiton where the kids get to know their vocabulary skills. This is organized to keepp them updated with their grammar as well as language.